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Public Health

Public Health research is underpinned by a behavioural epidemiology framework and builds on existing collaborative studies that have examined the health benefits, prevalence and patterns, correlates and determinants, and measurement of these behaviours. The results from these studies have allowed the development of a program of research around designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to promote physical activity and healthy eating, with special emphasis on obesity prevention and management. This will be the focus of our research over the next triennium.

A further focus will be the translation of our research into health education programs and resources that will continue to inform health and education policy and clinical practice across the lifespan. This program is truly inter-disciplinary with demonstrated collaborations and integration between researchers from two faculties.  Cutting-edge technologies such as whole room calorimetry, accelerometry, diet advice, and emed foot pressure platforms will continue to be used. International developments in this field suggest that translational research; the use of new technologies (e.g., internet); and better ways to measure physical activity and nutrition behaviours are key research areas over the next triennium. All are currently part of our research program and will ensure we remain at the forefront internationally.

Last reviewed: 15 July, 2014

Annual Report

ESRI Annual Report 2015 (PDF)ESRI Annual Report 2015 (PDF)