Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion

The research conducted into Social Inclusion is underpinned by the philosophy that we are not a truly just society and nation until we ensure that all members of our diverse population attain similar life outcomes.

Inequity in the life outcomes of socio-economically disadvantaged individuals and ‘minority’ cultural groups is not simply an Australian issue but is mirrored in the challenges faced by all nations. Education is critical in this endeavour.

Senior researchers in this theme have established strong international reputations in their investigations across the fields of indigenous languages and education; English-as-a-second-language learners; students with physical, behavioural or intellectual difficulties; students with gifts and talents; and mainstream education that targets all socio-economic strata. Our investigations draw on the complementary lenses of educational psychology and educational sociology.

The integrating theme across these diverse projects is the drive to understand how education from the early years through to adulthood can be designed, implemented and evaluated to improve academic, social and emotional outcomes.


Last reviewed: 13 April, 2015

Annual Report

ESRI Annual Report 2015 (PDF)ESRI Annual Report 2015 (PDF)